Friday, 16 October 2015

Video of Qatari blogger insulting Emir of Kuwait

By clicking on the following link I confirm that I will not hold the publisher of this blog responsible for sharing this video.  أقر بأنني لن أحمل صاحب هذه المدونه مسؤولية مشاهدتي الفيديو في هذا الرابط

Rough translation: God Curse Sabah Al Ahmad and curse the blue (Kuwaiti) passport over you. If the Emir of Qatar wants to hand me over to Kuwait he has to (inaudible/"throw me"?) in Qatar, my country, and not send me to Shia dogs (in Kuwait) they are all Shia (in Kuwait)"

*I, Sultan,  in no way whatsoever condone this filthy sectarian language.

Monday, 5 January 2015

On Ashraf Fayadh

Palestinian poet, curator, writer and artist Ashraf Fayadh has been jailed in Saudi for the past year without trail over blasphemy charges in his latest collection of poems "Instructions Within" and for having "long hair". It seems someone submitted a complaint in 2013 to the Saudi Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice which detained him over a year ago. He has yet to face trial.

I translate a part of his poem "Asylum" from his book "Instructions Within":

Asylum: To stand at the end of a queue..

To be given a morsel of bread.

To stand!: Something your grandfather used to do.. Without knowing the reason why.

The Morsel?: You.

The homeland: A card to put in your wallet.

Money: Papers that carry images of Leaders.

The Photo: Your substitution pending your Return.

And the Return: A mythological creature ... from your grandmother's tales.

End of First Lesson

اللجوء: أن تقف في آخر الصف..

كي تحصل على كسرة وطن.

الوقوف: شيء كان يفعله جدك.. دون معرفة السبب!

والكسرة: أنت.

الوطن: بطاقة توضع في محفظة النقود.

النقود: أوراق ترسم عليها صور الزعماء.

الصورة: تنوب عنك ريثما تعود.

والعودة: كائن أسطوري.. ورد في حكايات الجدة.

انتهى الدرس الأول.

1- Arabic report from London based Al Arab: Text

2- Interview with his father for France 24: Video

3- Interview with Ashraf Fayadh on curating Jeddah art show Video

4- Global Voices report on detention (English) Text

5- Catalogue of exhibition Ashraf Fayyadh co-curated as "first official Saudi collateral event" at the 55th Venice biennale in 2013 English PDF

6- In February 2014 100 Arab intellectuals signed a petition for his release

7- Arabic poem "Frida Kahlo's Moustache"

8- Report in VICE: The Saudi Arabian Artist in Jail For Having Long Hair

9- Op Ed on his arrest in Al Ittihad (UAE)

ht Mona Kareem

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Interested in theatre?

I take this opportunity to inform you of a dynamic theatrical initiative, Home Grown, launched by my friend Badr Jafar.
This philanthropic program is a joint collaboration between The Middle East Theatre Academy and Kevin Spacey Foundation. “Home Grown” is a rare opportunity for selected youths aged 18-25 from across the Middle East & North Africa to receive a two-week training course by a professional team of actors including the two-time Academy Award Winner Kevin Spacey.
Message from Kevin SpaceyCLICK HERE

Video explaining “Home Grown”CLICK HERE

The program will take place in Sharjah between the 11th and 25th January 2015, and all participant costs (including flights and transportation) will be borne by the sponsors. The culmination of this program will be a theatrical production by its participants based on an important regional theme, performed in front of an audience on the evening of Sunday 25th of January.
All audition applications must be received online on by 15th December 2014 with further interviews to be conducted afterwards via Skype and where possible in person in the UAE.

Feel free to spread the word amongst your friends, family and peers, and visit their website and various social media sites listed below for further information.
Should you have any further questions, you may contact the Project Coordinator, Alicia White or submit your query online at the Middle East Theatre Academy.

* Email was sent to me from my friend Muna Al Gurg.

Monday, 28 July 2014

First article for CNN

The shifting soft power of the Arab world: "Perhaps no other city in the world, save for Hollywood, commands as much global soft power as Mecca."

Monday, 24 March 2014

Art Shows in Sharjah

Sharjah Art Foundation

(SAF Art Spaces)

(SAF Art Spaces)

(SAF Art Spaces)

(SAF Art Spaces)

(SAF Art Spaces)

(Bait Al Serkal, Arts Area, Al Shuweiheen)

Sharjah Art Museum

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

(Vatican comes to Sharjah)

Sharjah Calligraphy exhibition. Works by Saudi artist Abdullah Al Sanea

Barjeel Art Foundation

Maraya Art Centre 

Maraya Art Park (Al Majaz Waterfront)

Sharjah Expo

1001 Inventions’ exhibition which highlights a thousand years of scientific and cultural achievements during the Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation.

Compiled by Suheyla Takesh & Sultan Al Qassemi