Sunday, 27 December 2009

Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi Arab artists wish list

Some of you may know that I am working on a new museum of contemporary and modern Arab art in Sharjah, UAE to house my collection. I hope it would be open by March 2010. So far I have been able to acquire over 200 pieces of Arab art from across the region including Louay Kayyali and Fateh Moudarres (both from Syria), Chafic Aboud (Lebanon), Sulaiman Mansour (Palestine), Abdallah Al Muharraqi (Bahrain), Abdul Qader Al Rayyes (UAE) and Adam Henein (Egypt) amongst many others. Below is a list of Arab artists that I am keen on having represented as well in the museum so any help is welcomed. The painting above is by Mahmoud Hammad, a Syrian artist who lived from 1923-1988. This work is the latest acquisition for the museum collection.

Ghada Amer (Egypt)
Ahmed Al Soudani (Iraq)
Madiha Omar (Iraq)
Mohammed Melehi (Morocco)
Suad Al Attar (Iraq)
Abdallah Ben Anteur (Algeria)
Hussen Madi (Lebanon)
Abbas Youssef (Bahrain)
Salam Khedr (Iraq)
Mohammed Abla (Egypt)
Mohammad Rawas (Lebanon)
Marwan Rechmaoui (Lebanon)
Paul Guirgossian (Lebanon)
George Sabbagh (Egypt)
Ismael Shammout (Palestine)
Essa Sagr (Kuwait)
Khazaal Al Gaffass (Kuwait)
Sharif Waked (Palestine)
Aamer Al Obaidi (Iraq)
Ahmad Al Moalla (Syria)
Balqis Fakhro (Bahrain)
Ahmad Baqer (Bahrain)
Hassan Glaoui (Morocco)
Aamer Al Obaidi (Iraq)
Mamdooh Kashlan (Syria)
Elias Zayat (Syria)
Yousef Abdelaki (Syria)
Ahmed Durak al Sibai (Syria)
Abdul Tajer Arnaoot (Syria)
Michel Kirsheh (Syria)
Ibrahim Al Awadhi (UAE)
Ahmed Sherif (UAE)
Fahad Al Jaber (UAE)
Safia Mohammed Khalfan (UAE)
Abdallah Bou Lahya (UAE)
Ali Al Jabri (Jordan)
Ibrahim Bou Asaad (Bahrain)
Abdul Latif Al Smoudi (Syria)
Salah Al Mur (Sudan)
Ahmad Nashat Al Zo'bi (Syria)
Kathem Khalil (Syria)
Kathem Haidar (Iraq)
Hassan Musa (Sudan)
Samia Halaby (Palestine)
Abdul Rahman Al Ma'aini (UAE)

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