Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Egyptian tragicomedy English translation

A group of people passed near a woman who was drowning in the sea

The Salafi refused to extend his arm to save her because he had thoroughly washed himself to pray

The Muslim Brotherhood member insisted on consulting the Supreme Guide first

The April 6th Youth member insisted first on reaching an agreement with at least 130 youth coalitions

A Tahrir revolutionary demanded a million man march next Friday under the name “Friday to save the drowning woman”

Those in Abbassia Square (pro SCAF) insisted that if she did drown she would not be considered a martyr and questioned why she went into the sea in the first place??

And Tamer from Ghamra (dude who called Egypt TV during Jan25 with false testimony) confirmed that he heard her shout in the English language for someone to save her (i.e. foreign agent)

Ganzouri cried as he apologised because Abu Al Arabi has yet to send a lifebuoy.

El Baradei shuddered as he took out his iPad to tweet “A woman’s dignity is in her right to life”

Nawara Negm and Asmaa Mahfouz said that SCAF was behind the woman's drowning and it is responsible for saving her.

And Mortada Mansour (notorious pro-Mubarak lawyer) said he has a CD of this debased woman who is in a relationship with Mamdooh Abbas (millionaire businessman) and Ahmed Shoubeir (ex-footballer and TV presenter)

And Tawfik Okasha (anti-revolution TV host) insisted that going into the water is a Masonic rite and demanded from his friends the ducks to head to Abbassia Square to confront the conspiracy hatched by this lady.

The Minister of Interior stated “We don’t have a sea”

SCAF decided to form an investigative committee to know who the third party is who pushed her into the sea.

Sadly, this lady is Egypt.

Translated into English by Sultan Al Qassemi. Original Arabic post can be found here. Thanks to www.twitter.com/@Bassem_Sabry. Please credit if using elsewhere.


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