Thursday, 21 June 2012

Latest email to my mailing list

Dear friends

This is an article I wrote for The Guardian on the regional ramifications following the demise of Prince Nayef. More of my comments on Nayef can be found in this Al Jazeera piece and in this one in The Daily Beast (a piece I wrote for Egypt Independent is already out in their print edition in Egypt). 

I am not sure if you're all familiar with how close Dubai is to its northern neighbors Sharjah and Ajman, I explore the advantages of cooperation between them in this Gulf News article. And here is a short piece I wrote for the New York Times on US policy towards Bahrain. 

I reported for Gulf News from Egypt during the first round of the presidential elections, here is the coverage. Time magazine asked me if the generals had already won. 

Here's a mention in Foreign Policy's Twitterati list, one in Arabian Business annual Power 500 list and a blog post by the Angry Arab.

Reuters asked me to comment on the rise of the Islamists in the UAE of whom you know I am very skeptical and was accused of being a spokesman (Arabic) for the UAE security services. 

The Financial Times asked me to comment on the the Gulf governments crackdown on Twitter users. I commented (in Arabic) to this new magazine on the Arab art industry. 

Finally, if you are in the UAE please join us at Barjeel next week for this art panel on Saturday June 30th at 5pm at Al Qasba. Tell your friends.


P.S. Hopefully my new website will be ready soon and I won't bombard you with email updates. 


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