Sunday, 18 December 2011

Translated chants of Nawara Negm

Egyptian activist Nawara Negm chanting from the courtyard of Cairo's Al Azhar Mosque. Below is a rough English language translation of that fiery chant.

Full video on YouTube here.

O Musheer (Tantawi) traitor and loyal
Frightened, frightened, frightened why are you so?
What’s left after all this killing?
Down down with military rule!
They are being macho with us
Dumping us in the rubbish bins
The rubbish bin is for the Musheer (Tantawi)
Legitimacy comes from Tahrir
Be a man on the Sinniyya (Tahrir)
And on the border (with Israel) be a woman
They killed their brothers (SCAF soldiers) on the borders
While they continue to protect the Jews
He who kills his family and people
Is despicable from bottom to top.

You can follow Egyptian activist Nawara Negm on Twitter here. Video via socialist Egyptian activist Hossam Hamalawy follow him on Twitter. Original video uploaded by EmadWeb on YouTube on Dec 17, 2011

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